Life Knocking

Welcome to our podcast. Life Knocking is a monthly podcast brought to you by three friends: Kris, Travis, and Brandon (KTB). What will you do when life comes knocking at your door!?


What's New?

Episode 37: Fake Meat

Big Big BIG Episode. A very special episode 37! Could be the last normal episode we have after hearin...

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Episode 36: The Bachelor Party

The guys are so excited to start the celebrations and excited to fill you in on how all the surprises...

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Episode 35: Giving it 24

We are back! On this episode we contemplate some common courtesies when dealing with companions. Ques...

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Episode 34: The Nipple Rule?

WoW we are on a roll! We're back at it with another episode of some good ol fashioned chatter. This e...

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Episode 33: An Evening out on the Night

One word....Hibachi! Thoughts? We have a lot! Hope you're not hungry! ...

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Episode 32: 5 Minute Rule

And we are back!!!! Another Classic episode from the guys. In this episode we talk about some breakin...

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Episode 31: Date Night

The Guys are back at it again! But they are not going on a date with each other (that'd be weird) ins...

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S2-e3: Chiptastic 30

Travis's co-worker is legit, bringing back chips from Chinatown. I have a hunch the guys are going to...

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S2-e2: Rubbing Butts or Pineapple on your Pizza?

We are playing around with a bunch of different topics this time: baths, bathrooms, vermin, pranks, I...

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S2-e1: Real raw, real new, real easy to love me

The guys are back and better than ever. Wait what’s my age again? Regardless we get down and dirty on...

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Episode 27: Chips and Lip

The Guys are back for a chip centered episode. Lay's Do Us A Flavor contest returns this year with th...

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Episode 26: The Interludal Episode

Just a quick episode with a couple exciting updates of things we have in the works to take the pod to...

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Episode 25: Keeping it Kurrent

All three of the guys are back at it to discuss whatever comes to their mind. Brandon has a couple wo...

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Episode 24: Compliment or Nah?

While Brandon is out exploring the world, Travis and Kris get real, or maybe just really awkward....

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Episode 23: March Madness at its Finest

The guys take a couple of easy layups and shots at each other but assign each other some rules for 20...

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Episode 22: Stocking Stuffers

We are back! Welcome to our a holiday/end of year podcast! We crammed a lot into this unedited, uncen...

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Episode 21: We in the Wagon

We are BACK! It is never too late for a summer vacation and we are happy to bring you along with us. ...

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Minisode 20.5 Summer Slide

Who, what, you, me? In this special minisode Kris runs into some old friends, and it's all downhill f...

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Episode 20: Date-O-Rama

Kris comes up with a great new business idea right on the spot! Other festivities include embarrassin...

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Episode 19: Fun Times at Christmas Time

Join us for a Christmas celebration! We share our favorite holiday activities, Kris shares a story, T...

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Episode 18: Trips, Chips...and Lips?

We are back with our second annual chip tasting doing Lays a flavor and trying their new line of flav...

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Episode 17: Dino-mite Pizza Partay!!!!

Life is knocking again! Stay tuned as we discuss everything from hula hoops to pizza. We also have th...

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Episode 16: Picnics, Pickles, and Pool Parties. The four P's of summer

The great weather really got us talking on this episode. Tune in as we discuss a unique idea for a po...

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Episode 15: One Year Celebration

We're once again all in the same location--this calls for a party! But seriously, we celebrated with ...

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Episode 14: Thinking about Spring

From putty to questions from Brandon, KTB really put their thinking caps on in this episode. There's ...

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Episode 13: We're Back

We're Back! The KTB crew is still together, and by the sounds of it they never left.

As we turn t...

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Episode 12: It's Crunch Time!

We are back at it! This time we Do Lay's® a Flavor and try their new chips live (well kinda) on the p...

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Episode 11: Summer Star Tipping

Summer is in full swing and we had to bring in special hosts K-vibe, Bill Miller and 'New Guy' to tak...

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Episode 10: Our 10th Episode Celebration

WE MADE IT! Decasode!! (is that even a word??) Anyway, we made it to our tenth episode and if you can...

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New Things

Hey Guys,

Just wanted to let you all know about some new things we've got going on. We've added a couple new...

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Episode 9: Can you have too much of us?

So much stuff to talk about in this episode! We bring up some topics from old episodes including a Ti...

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Episode 8: We So Kool(aid) you'll want S'more of us

Travis took off for vacation so we are happy to bring you another special episode with just Brandon a...

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Episode 7: The Chick-Fil-A Experience

We FINALY tell you our stories about chickfila that we had promised for so long. Also we have a speci...

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Episode 6: Reunited

The crew is reunited and it feels SO GOOD! Travis made an appearance in the good ole state of MD and ...

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Episode 5: Grouper

**UPDATE 6/2**
Now includes after grouper conversation.

This is a very special episode of Life K...

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Check us out on ITunes!

We are now up on ITunes!!!!!! Click her...

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Episode 4: The Fantastic Four(th Episode)

In our fourth episode, we talk about The Fantastic Four, how big the world is and how small we are in...

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Welcome to Life Knocking!!!!

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to our website! We have put up our first 3 episodes with more to come soon. If you l...

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Episode 3: The Secret Menu

The third installment of Life Knocking. Listen as this week we discus tons and tons of food, skydivin...

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Episode 2: Blink Twice if You Like

The second (or real first) episode of Life Knocking. In this episode we talk about Kris' political pl...

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Episode 1: Seasonists

The First Episode of our Life Knocking Podcast. We had to jump over several hoops to record this epis...

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