Life Knocking

Welcome to our podcast. Life Knocking is a monthly podcast brought to you by three friends: Kris, Travis, and Brandon (KTB). What will you do when life comes knocking at your door!?


Episode 7: The Chick-Fil-A Experience

We FINALY tell you our stories about chickfila that we had promised for so long. Also we have a special guest to join in on all the fun we have on the show. We come up with some new summer trends, some are good! others are not. Don't forget to check the website for pictures!



A selfie of our whole group at chickfila


Kan Jam

Brandon playing one of his favorite outdoor games KanJam


The Oreo Game

Tim and his girlfriend Cora playing one of the fun games that Chickfila organized for everyone.


Another Group Pic

The Chic Group. Mrs Brenda (Travis and Tim's Mom) took that pic, but she was there too!


Just The Two Of Us

Brandon and Timmy chillin in a chickfila parking lot