Life Knocking

Welcome to our podcast. Life Knocking is a monthly podcast brought to you by three friends: Kris, Travis, and Brandon (KTB). What will you do when life comes knocking at your door!?


Episode 8: We So Kool(aid) you'll want S'more of us

Travis took off for vacation so we are happy to bring you another special episode with just Brandon and Kris. Kris has a 2 part social skydive, we talk about more summer trends, Brandon has a skydive with a running start, and much more. Don't forget to comment on this episode, check out the pictures and extras on the website, and rate our podcast!


Running Skydive

This is Brandon and the girl he met running. It's a pretty good picture considering they were both running.


Sweaty Brandon

Brandon took a selfie during the last leg of his triathlon.


Kool Aid Man

Brandon found this little guy in a local grocery store soon after recording. Guess it is a summer trend.

Real Life Barbie

Kool Aid Flavors